• What does Advantis Broker Insurance do for you?

    • Analyzes the risks you are exposed to
    • Proposes the most acceptable risk insurance
    • Negotiates with insurance companies on your behalf about insurance terms
  • Why hire an Advantis insurance broker?

    • You do not lose any control over the insurance selection process
    • Save your own and your employees’ time
    • You get professional and independent help at no cost
  • Should you do your own insurance or hire an Advantis insurance broker?

    • The insured usually deals with insurance only once a year, which is our daily job
    • The insured is alone in front of the insurance company, while the negotiating position of the broker, as a representative of all its clients, is much stronger

Sonja Topalović obtained the academic title of graduate economist at the University of Belgrade. She started her business career in the capital market as a licensed broker and investment manager. After a decade of working as a broker, investment manager and director of a brokerage house, in 2015 she began engaging in the insurance market as a broker. To date, she successfully solves all doubts and problems of her clients in the field of insurance.

Zdravko Janković graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Banja Luka. For almost 10 years he has been involved in stock trading, balance sheet analysis and portfolio management. In 2016, he entered the waters of the insurance market, where to this day he takes equal care of client insurance portfolios.